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“Discover the secrets of the Belgian waffle”

In this article, we invite you to dive into the delicious world of the Belgian waffle. Discover the fascinating history of this iconic dessert, learn how to make an authentic Belgian waffle recipe and explore the different variations that exist. Whether you are a dessert lover or simply curious to learn more about Belgian culinary specialties, you have come to the right place!

The Belgian waffle has its historical origins dating back to the Middle Ages, where it was already enjoyed as a sweet treat during religious festivities. At the time, waffles were considered a luxury delicacy and were made with flour, eggs, milk and sugar. They were often baked in wrought iron molds engraved with decorative designs.

Over the centuries, the Belgian waffle has evolved to become a true symbol of Belgian culture and gastronomy. Medieval recipes were influenced by different culinary traditions and baking techniques, resulting in a wide variety of Belgian waffles.

Variations of the Belgian waffle:

A region particularly famous for its Belgian waffles is Liège. Liège waffles are distinguished by their density and crispy texture. They are prepared with a yeast dough made from flour, eggs, butter and pearl sugar. This last ingredient is essential to obtain the unique characteristics of these waffles. As it bakes, the pearl sugar melts and caramelizes, creating melty sweet bits inside the waffle. Liège waffles are often eaten as is, without the need for any additional toppings.

Brussels waffles, on the other hand, are lighter and airier. They are prepared with a more fluid dough made from flour, eggs, milk and yeast. They are baked on special plates to obtain their characteristic shape with squares or diamond-shaped patterns. Brussels waffles are often served with whipped cream, fresh fruit, chocolate, or sprinkled with icing sugar.

Today, the Belgian waffle has become a true icon of Belgian cuisine and is appreciated all over the world. It is present at many festivities, from food fairs to weddings. The Belgian waffle embodies both the conviviality and the indulgence of Belgian culture. Whether tasting a dense and sweet Liège waffle or a light and crispy Brussels waffle, each bite offers a unique taste experience that testifies to the authenticity and richness of Belgian cuisine.


In summary, the Belgian waffle is much more than a simple dessert: it is a symbol of Belgian culture and a delight to savour. By exploring its history, learning to prepare an authentic recipe and discovering the different variations, you will be able to appreciate all the richness of this dessert. Whether you are passing through Oslo or want to organize a private event, do not hesitate to turn to our food truck specializing in Belgian waffles for a unique taste experience.